Cayro the games

Cayro is a family company founded in 1954 and located in Dénia (Alicante). Cayro manufactures games and toys for all ages. The company, that sells more than 350 products at about 2,500 stores in Spain, bets on the family games and the game as a tool for developing the abilities of children and adults. They closely follow the trends of the sector and invest lots in design and development.

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Kubekings is a company specialized in cubes for speed and expert in speedcubing. Since 2013 they've been offering a wide catalog of cubes and puzzles, becoming the leader store in Europe. They are always up to date with the speedcubing novelties, and count with the best products. They ship to Europe, USA and some Latin American countries. Kubekings stands out for the quality of their products, their speedy deliveries, and the professionalism of their work.

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Mirada is a leading international provider of products and services for operators and broadcasters of Digital Television. Founded in 2000 by its current CEO, José Luis Vázquez, Mirada accumulates almost 20 years of experience in the sector. Its main focus is on the concept of television "everywhere", offering a wide range of integral products for multiple devices, with modern and innovative designs in the user interface and the use of cutting-edge technology. Mirada's products are recognized for their unmatched flexibility and on-delivery optimization. Some of the most recognized companies in the industry that have deployed Mirada solutions are: Televisa, Telefonica, Sky, Virgin Media, BBC, ITV, and France Telecom.

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Spanish Rubik’s Cube Association

The Spanish Rubik’s Cube Association (AECR) was created in 2009 as a means to establish a Spanish community of active speedcubers. They currently provide equipment, assistance, and directions for holding WCA Competitions in Spain. They are the speedcubing reference in Spain for organizing official competitions, the most well known being the annual Spanish Championship.

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