I'm sure you know this feeling: You're on your way back home after several days of intense competition, and you think that, with all the stress, you didn't have time to chat and relax with other cubers.

This will not happen to you at WCA Euro 2018 because we have the Fun Day!

July 23

Fun Day

The Monday after the competition we will be in Parque de Atracciones Madrid, (Madrid Theme Park) located inside the Casa de Campo, only a 15 minute walk from the competition venue.

In the park there are many attractions to enjoy together, many shows to watch, and many places to relax!

In case you still don't know, the summer in Spain is hooooot and sunny. Come prepared: bring a hat, sunscreen, and plenty of water to stay hydrated!


We will meet at the entrance before the opening to enter as a group at a reduced price (€18.90 for adults +info about prices). After that there are no more plans other than hanging out with your friends. The park opens from noon to midnight.

There will be more details later sent via email and in myEuro.

How to get there

Arriving could not be easier: the Batán metro stop of Línea 10 leaves you right at the park entrance.

You cannot miss the funniest day of WCA Euro 2018!