STMHS Spring 2019
New London, Connecticut
United States
3x3x3 Cube
First Round
2x2x2 Cube
First Round
4x4x4 Cube
Combined Final
5x5x5 Cube
Combined Final
3x3x3 Blindfolded
Combined Final
Abhinav Govindaraj
Adam Freeburn
Alex St. George
Alexander Cohen
Ambrose Cole
Anuj Pawar
Arthur Adams
Boden Almeida
Brandon Pierel
Cameron Soulagnet
Che-Hao Saito
Christopher Chi
Daniel Gutierrez
Daniel Yao Yang
Derek White
Dominic Gray
Drew Dickson
Eben Quenneville
Ethan Co
Ethan Perry
Ethan Zhuang
Evan Morrow
Gabe Selvino Marinelli
Garrett Molinari
Gautham Santhanam
Grant Kortfelt
Jackey Zheng
Jake Brenner
James Coe
James Donahue
Jamison Oleary
Jared Astrof
Jason Bilgrei
Jesse Lior
Jonathan Gong
Josh Olson
Krish Shah-Nathwani
Kymberlyn Calderon
Lance Morin
Marc Crotta
Matthew Wilbur
Maxim Warren
Nathan Bednar
Nicholas Moutsatsos
Noah Lucien
Nolan Hussey
Omkar Narayanan
Parth Pawar
Pepe Kratzsch
Rahul Hegde
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Prendible
Samuel O'Sullivan
Sandy Aaron Jones
Sebastian Lucien
Teddy Nowak
TJ Moody
Trent Hutcheson
Tyler Simmons
Zachary Trudell

Dominic Gray   ·   United States   ·   see his WCA's official results

#event / roundt1t2t3t4t5averagebest
1815.8414.7219.7914.8714.87 PB 15.1914.72

#event / roundt1t2t3t4t5averagebest
3010.132.887.9210.135.337.79 PB 2.88

#event / roundt1t2t3t4t5averagebest PB 7.24 PB 5.38

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